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Cosmopolitan Marble is part of several global alliances, affiliations and shared directorships with renowned industry leaders. This expertise ensures we are committed to best practices throughout our operations and adhere to the highest industry standards to deliver the finest products and services to our clients.

Himalayan White is named for its quarry location within the Himalaya Mountain Range and the result of several years of exploration and development. The material is fine grained and has a calcite count exceeding 95 percent. It is equivalent in composition and aesthetics to the most elite white marbles from Greece, Italy and Macedonia. Himalayan White ranges from pure white- Himalayan Snow to white with exquisite veining Himalayan Spirit. The material is suitable for all surfaces including wall cladding, flooring and countertops.

Cosmopolitan Marble’s is vast and comprises some of the richest pure black granite in the world. Absolute Black Granite is one of the most popular stones used in every country and is perfect for all surfaces because of its beauty and durability.

Named for its luster and faint blue highlights, Blue Diamond Granite is unique to the Cosmopolitan controlled deposit located in the Buner district of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Norther Pakistan. The lease comprises an approximately 200 acre deposit with several million m3 of recoverable material. The deposit is well situated along a major highway with little infrastructure required. Moreover, its topography is gradual sloping and ideally suited for large scale mining.

Ruby Red Granite is a classic material which is always in style. It is ideal for building cladding as well bathroom and kitchen flooring and countertops. Ruby Red is exceptionally durable.