Everyday Easy Flower Arrangement Ideas

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May 23, 2017
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March 9, 2018

I am totally obsessed with the idea of taking a flower arranging class. I have no idea where I would find such a course, but I DEFINITELY want to take one. I love entertaining and I love creating my own original flower arrangements. I think adding the right flowers to any setting can improve the decor and feel of a space almost instantly. I love arranging flowers but I wouldn’t say I am a pro at it. I want to get better. That being said…having fresh flowers in your home doesn’t have to be a big ordeal or cost a lot of money or require you to take some fancy flower arranging course. All it takes is four steps: 1) go to your local supermarket or flower shop and buy any type of flowers or greenery; 2) Find some sort of vase or vessel in your cupboard; 3) Add water; 4) Cut flowers and voila! Instant upgrade to your room’s decor. Here are some easy everyday flower arrangements for inspiration…

Flowers can be used in so many places in the home – as a centerpiece on a dining table, on a kitchen or bathroom counter, on a console table in a foyer, under a mirror on a bedroom dresser, on a bathtub ledge…there is no limit to where you can put easy flower arrangements in your home.

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