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Cosmopolitan Exclusive

Royal White Marble is an incredible luxurious white marble with grey veins, recently discovered and only available to Cosmopolitan Marble partners. Color: White with subtle to prominent grey veins Available in: Gloss, Antique, Honed, Brush, Leather, Flamed, Bush-Hammered Compressive Strength Test: ASTM C 170 Dry Condition: Compression Strength: 27,300 (psi) Maximum Load: 113,988 (lbs) Wet Condition: Compression Strength: 26,738 PSI Maximum Load: 113,988...

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Imagine hiking through the Himalayan mountains and you encounter a flurry of snow bursting upon you, this solid white with very light grey veins is reminiscent of that emotion and color.

Pure as snow, a white recently discovered completely solid, highest quality, can be displayed with back lighting for an onyx like appearance but pure white space to create modern interior's highly desired by today's home and business owners.